Small Business Loans

What are Small Business Loans?

If you have taken any loans before to finance your education, your house construction, or for any other purpose, you may be aware of the entire process of loans.

Similar to the simple loans, Small Business Loans are taken from public or private lenders in order to support a business. If you own a business, you can also avail the Small Business Loans. Below is the guide about the Small Business Loans:

What are the fast and easy loans to be taken?

There is no proper answer to this question because there are various loan offers out there by various lenders. Businessmen avail loans from public and private lenders depending on their needs and preferences. If you are also looking for a loan, you should choose among hundreds of the choices out there.

Why is cash flow important for businesses?

Before understanding its importance, one should know what cash flow is. Cash flow is in actuality the inflow and outflow of money to pay debts, receive payments, reinvest in business, and get the business going on. Because in the end everything in the business is about money, the inflow (receiving money such as payment for a service/product) and outflow (giving money such as debt) are very important.

How can one use business financing for her/his business?

Like any other loan, a business owner may apply for a Small Business Loan and finance all the business related operations. However, before applying for the loan, one needs to look into whether the loan’s terms can be met or not. Once the loan is availed, you can use the amount to finance your business, and earn a lot of revenue. This is how businesses grow using Business Financing.

Easiest way to get a business loan?

For financing your business, you may apply for a loan at a bank, but the process is very hectic and it will take many days. However, there are many other private small business lenders that will lend you money in no time. You can search for various marketplaces online to search for the loans that best fit your requirements.

Grow Your Business

Use cash to expand, open a new location, hire new employees, and more.

Have Extra Cash on Hand

Prepare for the unexpected by obtaining extra cash for sudden expenses.

Cover Expenses

Keep your business on track with cash for payroll, operating expenses, and more.

Buy New Equipment

Improve your business or offer new products or services with new equipment.

Buy Inventory

Purchase extra supplies or inventory ahead of your busy season to boost profits.

Weather Seasonal Slumps

Get working capital to keep your business moving during seasonal slow periods.

What is the eligibility criteria for Small Business Loans?

Like the other financing tools, Small Business Loans also require your business to have acquired some position in order to be eligible for a business loan. First, your business should be older than 6 months. Second, your annual revenue should be more than or equal to $120,000. Third, however, there is no set criteria for the credit score in the case of Small Business Loans.

What credit score should my business have to qualify for the loan?

Many banks require a good credit score i.e., more than or equal to 650. However, you should not worry if your business has a lower credit score. There are plenty of private lenders that grant you loans regardless of your credit score. You should search for the best loan for you on the online marketplaces.

Understanding the Loan Application Process



Fill out our simple 60-second application to begin the process. Then, complete your online application by connecting your bank statements through our bank-grade portal in under 3 minutes.



Consider multiple loan options available within our marketplace. Hear your options explained by a knowledgeable Business Financing Advisor, and ask any questions you have.


Get Funded

Select the best option available and get funded in as little as a few hours. Start using your cash to grow your business right away, without restrictions on how you can use the funds.

How to get credit approval for your small business loan?

If you have heard about the Fintech platforms, getting your business credit approval cannot be very difficult. You can search for the best Fintech platform for your business and get the credit approval for your small business loan.

What are the best loans available for your business?

If you search online, you can find hundreds of websites that offer you loans for your business. However, that could be very confusing for you. Therefore, you should search for the best lender on the online marketplaces where there are 75+ kinds of loans being offered. You can pick the one that best suits your business. Additionally, you can also find loans on SBA loans. These loans are provided by the federal government.

Difference between Secured and Unsecured business loans?

One of the most notable differences between the Secured and Unsecured Business Loans is that the former requires collateral, while the latter does not.

It means that if you are availing a secured loan, you will have to agree to let any of your property or asset to be set as collateral. If you fail to pay back the debt, the lender is legally allowed to take that collateral from you. Therefore, usually, people prefer the Unsecured Business Loans.

1 year in business

Even as a young, growing business, you can still find credit line options.

$120K in annual revenue

To qualify, your business must be generating a minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenue

No Minimum Credit Score

We have financing options for businesses with excellent and bad credit.

How do you calculate your small business loan’s interest rate?

Usually, distinct lenders offer loans with distinct interest rates. However, it is not very difficult to calculate the amount of interest payable if you know the interest rate. Suppose, you avail a loan of $10,000 with 10% interest payable annually. Taking the 10% of the principal amount, you will know that you will have to pay $1000 annually. By dividing $1000 by 12, you may know the monthly amount payable.

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