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$50k - $2M

Fund with confidence. A custom product with a budgeted and fixed payment, with terms running from 6 months to 10 years. Put toward any business need.

Instant access to cash. Pull cash from your credit line instantly online, only pay interest on what you use.

Finance both new and used equipment for any industry. Traditional equipment programs with terms that that extend out to 10 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The requirements are as follows:
• At least six months of active business
• Process a minimum of $ 5,000 on credit card sales
• Or at least $ 120,000 in total sales
PineHurst Funding offers two types of funding programs.
• Loans for small businesses
• Merchant Finance
PineHurst Funding is a direct lender of working capital.
There are several ways to find out if the company you work for is a direct lender:
1. If the consultant you work for works directly for a company that capitalizes on your business
2. The name of the equity provider of the receiving application is the same as the name of the contract.
3. If you are directly affiliated with a financial company, you only need to withdraw your credit once. If you are not affiliated with a direct finance company, your business information may be sent to multiple direct finance companies, and your credit may be withdrawn.

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